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Connect.  Creative exploration.  You can do it!

This course gives action steps, give it a try.

Find YOUR Path.


This course shows you how to connect with people to find answers, step by step. 


Easy shortcuts showing exactly what to do: Research Tools, Email and Question Templates and Scripts

Emails and DMs… Ask the questions that get you on the best path.  Need someone to bounce ideas off of?  We’re here.  DM, Tweet, Snap, Text, whatever you need to get to the next step, just ask us.



Mike Zurzolo Got His Engineering Internship In High School.


Ali Reid WFMZ News – Networking Through “No” Lands Dream Internship and Job


Leah Ginion – From 9th Grade to Career Clarity


Invest TIME because YOU are serious.  It’s a starting point. YOU commit to GETTING ANSWERS.  The course gets you organized and jumpstarts YOU TAKING ACTION. 

Secretly insecure about your career plan or winging it?

This course saves time and money. The average cost of career instruction ranges from $11,260 to $41,426 per year at colleges and universities.



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  1. Research– Explore with career related keywords, you’ll find new keywords as you go. Develop a list of 1-100 people who do what you want to do. Search LinkedIn and Twitter platforms with
  2. Build a List. Copy and paste names, contact info and keywords.
    • In the school where you may want to enroll
    • One year out of that school getting started in the field
    • Three to Five years out of school established in the field
    • Best in the field you want to work in
    • Businesses that have a similar model to the one you are creating


  1. Send emails, DMs requesting time and a Skype call. Use the template provided in the course.
  2. Follow up until scheduled. Template script provided in the course.


  1. Skype calls and recording. Template questions provided in the course.
  2. Act on the insight and experience you’ve learned!

Not sure what you want to do? Go to the Not Sure? Help With Vocation Lesson.

Know what you want to do or have an idea? Have someone in mind who does what you want to do? This course shows you step by step how to find and Connect with them.

Career Clarity